Back soon, hopefully

Just to say to all my lovely readers, that I am currently on holiday and was due to be back to normality and home again today.  However, due to a volcano erupting in Iceland, I can’t get home until next Thursday.  This means an extra week away for us, but  also an extra week until I can get back to regular blogging and reading everyone else’s lovely blogs. 

I hope to be back to my kitchen and cooking again soon and back to my much missed Mac.

Kath x


11 responses to “Back soon, hopefully

  1. I hope that you are ‘stuck’ somewhere nice Kath!

  2. Wow. What an unexpected turn of events. I hope you are able to make the most of it.

  3. Goodness Kath, I’d forgotten you were in Madeira. Hope you are enjoying your extended stay, I’m sure it has caused all sorts of upset.

  4. I’ve just seen a travel alert saying people in Funchal might get cruised to Falmouth – hope you’ve taken your glad-rags! (and manage to get home without too much stress)


    • Oh Vegboxboy, I wish, I tried and failed on that score, fully booked I am afraid. But we have just heard that they are reopening Scottish airspace, so we are hoping and hoping that the rest of the UK opens up before Thursday.

  5. Kath, hurry back!

  6. It be lovely if you manage to have an unexpected cruise home Kath! It would then have made the volcano so very worthwile.

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