Savoury bread pudding

Last night’s tea was completely inspired by Nancy over at Good Food Matters.  She made the most delicious Tomato and Mozzarella Strata, all bubbling and pillowy.  Well, last night I had the remains of a cooked chicken in the fridge and half a loaf of bread on the side.  So I adapted Nancy’s Strata by adding the chicken chopped small as the first layer, cooking chorizo in with the tomato sauce and used feta instead of mozzarella.  A very fine dish indeed.  Pop over to Nancy’s to find out how to make your own savoury bread pudding.

This was the dish before it was baked in the oven for forty minutes.

Before going into the oven


4 responses to “Savoury bread pudding

  1. What a great way of using up “left-overs”.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Hi Kath–your version looks so tasty—a terrific use of leftovers. Glad that my little recipe served as inspiration. Stratas/Savory Bread Puddings can be made so many different delicious ways!

    Also glad that, thanks to your croissant post, I now have “mither” to add to my bits and bobs of Midlander vocabulary!!!

    is mither akin to pother?

    • Nancy it was really tasty, thank you for the inspiration. Well, I had to look up pother, there’s a new word for me to use, and it seems it does mean the same thing. That will confuse everyone when I ask them not to pother me in the future 🙂

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